New Dating App Matches Singles with a Love for Bacon

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Now There Is a Dating App for Bacon Lovers…Seriously [VIDEO]

When looking for love, there are many factors — not to mention apps — to consider. Oscar Mayer is hoping bacon may make the choice a little easier. The company launched a bacon-themed dating app called Sizzl on Wednesday which matches people based on their bacon preferences. Yes, really. See also: I tried 13 dating apps in 30 days in search of love. The iPhone app is a similar to other dating apps: connect with Facebook, answer a few questions and the app matches you with people nearby based on your preferences.

We spent 24 hours on the bacon dating app Sizzl. This is what happened. RELATED ARTICLES. While the car was being repaired, they went into a bar and​.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Rather than relying on shallow criteria like someone’s hobbies or interests, Sizzl aims to make love connections based on individuals’ favorite style of bacon — thick-cut, hardwood smoked, “lower sodium,” or maple — and how they like it cooked: chewy, crispy, or burnt.

As Adweek explains , “You download the app, specify your bacon preferences in a customizable profile, upload photos and start swiping your greasy digits through pics of local fellow bacon lovers. People who don’t eat pork aren’t left out in the cold, however: There’s even an option for turkey bacon lovers. Clearly Oscar Mayer’s marketing team has unearthed the prized money-making equation that is millennials and bacon.

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A Tinder-style dating app has been launched for bacon lovers that promises to make a love match between those who like their bacon crispy and those who prefer it burnt. After all, everyone knows that compatible bacon preferences are the building blocks of any successful relationship. After telling the app about their preferences — turkey, pork, crispy, burnt — users will then be paired with potential matches and be able to swipe through the photos.

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When you’re looking for love, you can only hope to find someone you love as much as bacon. While Sizzl can’t guarantee that, it can guarantee your match will love bacon as much as you do. This dating app for bacon lovers comes from the minds at Oscar Meyer, and promises to connect you with other like minded people.

Each potential match shows you a profile picture, as well as how they like their bacon, whether they’d grab, offer up, or split the last piece of bacon on a date, and their location. Just hold down the sizzle button to indicate how much you like them, and if they like you back, you’ll be notified so you can start chatting, share some bacon, and maybe even find you have more in common than an affinity for cured meats.

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What Happened When I Tried to Find My Soulmate on Sizzl, Oscar Mayer’s New Bacon Dating App

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Posted: 16 Sep

Your love of bacon could find you true love in real life with Sizzl, an Oscar Mayer dating app that matches people according to bacon preference. You could even call it a meat market. What if there was an app like Tinder, but the main thing you had to worry about in your quest for love or hookups was a mutual interest in bacon? That’s the idea behind Sizzl , a promotional-stunt app by bacon maker Oscar Mayer. The only option for using the app is to sign up with Facebook and hand over some of your profile information.

I wondered if my profile photo showing the three members of fictional hard-rock band Spinal Tap huddled around a Les Paul would improve or hinder my chances of finding my perfect bacon match. The app, released Wednesday, asks you a series of questions about your bacon likes and dislikes. Would you split the last piece of bacon with your date? Do you like your bacon crispy? Do you prefer pork or turkey bacon? There is no vegetarian option. To prevent confusion, the app refers to the poultry version as “turkey bacon” and the pork version as “bacon-bacon.

The next step is to dive into the interface, where you indicate how much “sizzle” you’re feeling for each profile photo by holding your finger down on a heart-shaped button.

Oscar Mayer’s New Dating App, Sizzl, is Tinder for Bacon Fiends

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Tech Crunch reports that meat processing giant Oscar Mayer has launched Sizzl, a dating app functionally similar to Tinder that matches users.

Who needs Tinder when you can Sizzl? This week, Oscar Mayer released a new dating app specifically for bacon lovers. Which made us wonder: Can you truly find your bacon soulmate online? Sizzl works like Tinder, with a meaty twist. Create your profile via Facebook, pick a few photos, and answer some bacon , er basic questions about yourself: Do you prefer turkey or pork? Chewy or burnt? Then comes the sizzlin’ part: You’re served a lineup of bacon-loving guys or girls , with photos and info about how they enjoy their pork pieces.

Tap the bacon heart to indicate interest, score a few matches, and start chatting.

There’s now a dating app for people who love bacon, and it’s hilariously real

By Helena Horton. Most people seem to really, really like bacon. Internet dating is also popular. Some genius has decided to merge the two into a bacon-themed dating app. Because the main issue with Tinder is obviously the lack of food chat, Oscar Mayer , a processed meat company, has released an app called Sizzl, so people who struggle to make conversation can exchange a few words about their love of bacon.

A dating app for ‘bacon lovers’.

Yesterday, Oscar Mayer debuted a new dating app called Sizzl, wherein users enter their porcine preferences and “start swiping their greasy.

This is surely what the world of online dating has been waiting for – an app that matches users based on their love of bacon. Sizzl was cooked up by processed meat firm Oscar Mayer and it matches people based on such essential criteria as whether they like their bacon fried or grilled. The app’s description reads: “Sizzl is the only dating app exclusively for bacon lovers.

Because why should you settle for someone who doesn’t love bacon? At least you can chew the fat over your enthusiasm for fried pig if you’re struggling for conversation during an awkward first date. What could be sexier than that? Vegetarians aren’t the only ones this app shuns. It’s only available for iOS devices at the moment – so Android users must continue to run the risk of being paired with non-bacon lovers on Tinder.

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There is now a dating app just for bacon lovers

The qualifications for using the app are simple: You must answer three bacon-related questions and love bacon to join. When I asked the man I am marrying what he thought of me joining this dating app, he was way chill. Maybe because he knew how much I care about bacon, or maybe because he has no time for my sass.

It’s described as “the only dating app exclusively for bacon lovers Because why should you settle for someone who doesn’t love bacon?”.

Like a lot of people who grew up with parents who told them stories about people getting murdered by strangers on the internet, I am a skittish online dater. But today, my friends, is the day that I downloaded Sizzl the bacon dating app , and also the day that I embrace my millennial destiny and throw caution to the wind — or, in this case, into the frying pan.

Created by Oscar Mayer, an obvious authority on bacon, it goes through a battery of very important personality read: bacon questions before using its magical powers to match you with your sizzlin’ soulmate. I don’t know about you guys, but this is pretty much all the confirmation I need from the universe that I am not, in fact, going to die alone. The 24 years of my existence were all leading up to the creation of this app, where I am duh going to meet my soulmate, and we are double duh going to Netflix and Fry Bacon the lazy human’s equivalent to Netflix and Chill.

Today I took the first few steps on the road that will lead to my destiny. Here, fellow single people who understand the glory of eating breakfast for all meals, is how to follow your bacon bliss:. I’m gonna hit pause real quick here so we can all admire the one bacon pun I could think of on the spot.

Meet your match with a new bacon dating app

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What kind of bacon do you love the most? Pork Turkey Both. What type of bacon do you prefer? Hardwood smoked for a really long time Thick Cut, because more is more Maple and sweet like me Lower Sodium! How do you like your bacon cooked? Chewy Crispy Burnt. The app will be available to download for six months. No word on whether the Wienermobile will provide transportation to first dates. Write to Olivia B. Waxman at olivia. By Olivia B. Oscar Mayer. Get The Brief.

Oscar Mayer challenges Tinder with dating app for bacon fans